Lighting Design Software and Event Planning Solution LD Assistant by Design & Drafting merges advanced lighting algorithms with our industry standard 2D drafting & 3D modeling tool set. Designed for the Entertainment Lighting, Event Planning and System Integration markets, LD Assistant’s user interface is familiar to more than 9,000,000 users in over 130 countries. The software successfully combines lighting, sound, video, set design and event planning into an ALL-IN-ONE product designed for users at any level of technical expertise.

Create Plots Quickly: LD Assistant makes it easy to quickly create lighting, sound and video plots. Designers are able to generate advanced paperwork with the simplicity of a mouse click. With Advanced Built-in-Database there is no need to export your work to any outside database/ spreadsheets to generate your paperwork.

2D Drafting: Powerful 2D drafting tools are at the core of LD Assistant. LDA includes a built-in database with work sheets for producing paperwork and equipment lists. The same 2D & 3D tools found in LD Assistant are used by 9,000,000 designers and architects to create their working drawings. Changes to your 2D plan will automatically be reflected in your 3D model and in the schedule.

3D Modeling: With powerful 3D modeling and presentation tools, you can design ideas in almost any form imagineagle. Simply push/pull faces, edges, and vertices to model complex shapes add smooth surfaces. 3D tools include true Boolean operations, Loft, sweep, extrude, extrude along path, revolve, 3D array, helix, slice, 3D polyline 3D Orbit and other high-end 3D CAD features.

Production: Advanced production tools speed the creation of realistic seating arrangements, tables and chairs placement, curtains, back drops, drapery, doors, windows, stage stairs and security post. Turn drawn lines into a truss with a simple mouse click - and much more. Track the complete event project with customized reports and paperwork.

Renderings: Create renderings that look like photographs. With the latest in rendering technology, you can create stunning models in less time. Reflections and refractions are generated accurately. Indirect illumination techniques, like global illumination and final gathering, enhance the realism of a scene. With LD Assistant you will WOW your clients.

Photometric Lights: Photometric Lights use photometric (light energy) values that enable designers to more accurately define lights as they would perform in the real world. LD Assistant's Photometric Lights can use a manufacturer’s IES files for rendering, giving a designer a better real-world representation of how the final project will appear.

Advanced Block Libraries: Fixtures, Sound Cabinets, Lifts, Scaffolding, Racks, Consoles, Keyboards, Pianos, Drums, the list just keeps on growing. LD Assistant comes with over 6,000 symbols/blocks.

Visualization: Visualize your ideas like never before, walking and flying through a 3D drawing. Integrate actors into your designs and see them come alive in real-time as you walk through your creation, while you control the lighting with the built-in diplay or your console. Have audio and video all playing back at the same. Do More With LD Assistant !

Pre Visualization: Connect LD Assistant to ETC, GrandMA, Strand, Hog III, JANDS and other lighting consoles using Art-Net and say good bye to DONGLES forever. No setup is needed to connect your ETC console. With sACN, you just plug your LD Assistant computer into the same network as your console and away you go.


GB Stephens
" LD Assistant is used as a foundation for our technical theatre drafting, lighting and design classes. It not only provides our students with an understanding of the industry standard of CAD applications but LD Assistant provides tools and applications specifically for theatre scenic designers, lighting designers and technical directors. As a Scenic and Lighting Designer, it is a program that meets all of my needs."  GB Stephens, USF School of Theatre and Dance, Tampa, FL


Tim Burke
"I went to the LDI exhibition confident that I was going to purchase a certain lighting design software program. But, on the way to their booth I happened to walk by the Design & Drafting / LD Assistant booth; I stopped by to see what they were up to.
At this point I decided to rethink my earlier purchasing decision.  The next day I returned to the Design & Drafting booth and bought LD Assistant. For me, LD Assistant offers more benefits than any other CAD program on the market. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!"  Tim Burks Lighting Designer Manhattan Beach, Ca

DJ Seibert
“LD Assistant gives me the ability to show the client what they can expect to see when the job is completed. The visualization with renderings really helps them understand what it is they are getting with the design,” says DJ.

DJ has been with Snyder Hoffman for the past 11 years as a designer.  DJ Seibert, Snyder Hoffman, Bethlehem, PA

Kevin Denzel

"With LD Assistant, I'm able to effortlessly assign a part or inventory number. With LD Customization capabilities I create my own "Schedule" so I can get data such as quantity of different inventory numbers, assign prices, and assign other specific data to the set design. The schedules can be exported saved as a Tab-delimited file or
a Comma-delimited file, which helps me to export them into spreadsheets for a equipment pull list for my setup crew."

Kevin Denzel, Swank AV Technical Director, Grand Hyatt San Antonio, TX


Ben Marquardt
& Ruben Kuster
With LD Assistant designers Ben Marquardt & Ruben Kuster create and design stage settings, projections and lighting looks. Ben and Ruben create photo realistic visualizations of their projects. Marquardt explains. " Due to consistent deepening of our knowledge and a continuously evolving partner network, we create realistic pre-visualizations within a very short period of time using LD Assistant. "Ben Marquardt & Ruben Kuster, QConcepts Leichlingen, Germany
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