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How to create a MultiLight object

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Modified 2009-12-01
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Author Rufus

      You want to group instruments along a truss or pipe with that truss.



      There are 2 methods for defining a multilight object and a group of light objects attached of it.

      Method #1

  1. Create or insert a block (ex: a truss).

  2. Select Define new LD object from Lighting>Utilities menu or type _LDWNL in command line.

  3. In Append Object Specific Data page select the block you've want to define MultiLight object, select Multiple Light type from combo box and click on Add Attributes button.

  4. In Update Block References from Current Drawing page select Block References button.

  5. Erase block reference from drawing and insert it with insert command.

  6. Select Attach data to Light from Lighting>Attach Data menu or type _LDADL in command line. Select new insert object.

  7. Specify all data you've want.

  8. Select MLT Group button.

  9. Select light fixtures to define multi light group.

  10. Select OK button.


      Method #2

  1. The easiest mode to create a multi light object is Define MultiLight command. Select it from Lighting>Utilities menu or type _LDUML in command line.

  2. If you have create before a block that you want to use as multilight object select it.

    1. If you don't have a block that can be use as multi light object in your drawing, type N to create it.

    2. Pick insertion point of the new block.

    3. Select entities to define the new block. Right click or enter after selecting all.

  3. Select light instruments to define multi light group. Right click or enter when you finish the selecting.



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