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Creating new user defined LD objects

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Modified 2009-12-01
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Author Rufus


      You want to create your own LD objects.



      To create a new LD object:

  1. Create a block in the current drawing or insert it from another drawing.
  2. Create two layers named "2D_xxxx" and "3D_xxxx" and placed 2D/3D part of the object on corresponding layer  (xxxx = LD type - FIXTURE, SOUND, TRUSS, VIDEO, etc).
  3. Create region or faces from 2D entities so you can add solid fill to objects (with LDOBJECTUTIL).
  4. Create always the object with insertion point in WCS origin. For instruments, create the object with the front to the WCS Y axis and for truss, create the object parralel to the WCS X axis.
  5. Define the new created object as LD object using LD Object Definiton Wizard:
    • use Rotate button to change the object orientation, if necessary.
    • change object entities color to BYLAYER or BYBLOCK, corresponding your work style.
    • select object from block list, select the LD type you've want and add attributes to object.
    • for instruments (object that you can focus) specify disbursement point.
    • update your settings.
  6. Erase original block and use Insert command to insert the new LD object.

       Add new objects in separate files, store these files in LD Blocks folder, and use Block Navigator and DesignCenter to insert new objects in the drawings.

       Note: The Wizard will not add new attributes to the references.


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