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Change Block Text, Size and Placement

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Modified 2009-12-01
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Author Rufus
Change Block Text, Size and Placement

We start by turning on all the attributes.

Next we select the block and perform a right mouse click, click on Edit Block In-Place


When this dialog open click the OK button.

The Refedit menu that opened.


Once you see the block you can move, resize, change the color and placement of the text.


Once you have made your modifications CLICK on Save Reference Edits.


*** To see the changes on the block,
         you will have to delete it from the drawing and re-insert it. ***


Look for the menu Insert and click on block.

At this dialog select the name of the block and click OK.

When the dialog closes click where you want the block to be inserted.


This modification is only good for the file you have open and does NOT modify the source block.

If you would like to customize a set of blocks to use all the time, you will need to modified each block one at it's source file. Contact tech support at LD Assistant and we will be glad to help.


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