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Creating a LD Assistant Block

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Modified 2009-12-01
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Author Rufus
LD Assistant's Create a Block

1) Create the 2D part of the fixture.

It is important that you move the 2D part of the fixture at 0,0,0.

If you do not when you go to insert the block into your drawing the block WILL NOT show up at the end of your cursor.

2) Next you will need to make the 3D part of the fixture.

NOTE: The barrel of the fixture is pointed toward the top of the screen.


Once you have created the 2D and 3D part of the fixture you will need to create two (2) layers.

1) Create a layer called      2d_FIXTURE

2) Create a layer called      3d_FIXTURE


Now move the 2d fixture part to the 2d_FIXTURE layer.

Next move the 3d fixture part to the 3d_FIXTURE layer.


The reason we do this so when you are in the top view you see the 2d and when you are in a ed view you only see the 3d part of the fixture.

Be sure to have both the 2d_FIXTURE and the 3d_FIXTURE layers ON.

Make sure the 2d Yoke part is at 0,0,


Now move the 3d part over the 2d part.


Looking on the Draw pallet click on make block or... (left) under the menu Draw and click on Make.


When the dialog above opens:
1) Type in the name of the block

2) Click on Pick Point (2)... the dialog will close now click where the C-Clamp bolt would be.
    Once you click the Block Definition dialog opens again.

3) Now click on Select objects (3), the dialog will closes, now Select all the object by drawing a rectangle around the 2d and 3d parts. Once all parts are select do a right mouse click. The Block Definition dialog will open again... now click the OK button and the dialog closes.

You have created a block but for to show up and be tracked in the schedules you will need to turn the block into an LD Assistant object.

To turn the block you just made into a block that LD Assistant will recognize.

Under the menu Lighting look for Utilities and at the fly-out click on Define new LD object...

At the prompt click Next.

If you created your fixture with barrel pointing toward the top of the screen you can click NEXT at this prompt.

At this prompt, click on the name of the block (Test Fixture) and click on Add attributes button.

After the attributes are added click the Next button.

The drop down at the top right is user to add attributes to Truss, sound, point light etc:


This prompt, is asking where does the light come out of the fixture.

Click on the front of the fixture and a little green circle appears.

Click the Next button.


At this prompt click on the Update block references button then click on the Close button.


**** When the LD Assistant Wizard closes               
DELEATE the block from the drawing area


Now that you have delete the block from the drawing you will want to re-insert it.

Look for the menu Insert and click on Block...


When the dialog open, select the Test Fixture and click the OK button.

When the dialog closes click when you would like to insert the Test Fixture.


Now use the LD Assistant Views to see the fixture in 2d and 3d.

2D view


3D View


3D isometric View

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