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Working with a wheel Mouse

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Modified 2009-12-01
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Author Rufus

Working with AutoCAD or LD Assistant wheel mouse buttons

In this news letter we will look at increasing productivity with the use of a wheel mouse.You can choose options from menus and toolbars by clicking them with your mouse. You also can use the mouse to draw or to select objects on the screen. With a two-button mouse, the left button is the pick button used to specify points on the screen.

The right button either displays a shortcut menu or is equivalent to pressing ENTER, depending on your pointer location and the right-click settings.

Pressing SHIFT and right-clicking, displays the Object Snap shortcut menu. With a three-button mouse, the middle button either activates real-time panning or if you rotate the wheel the drawing will ZOOM in or out at the point the cursor is placed on the drawing.

It's like the CAD program was created around the mouse!
The illustration below shows a number of different examples.



The wheel on the mouse is used to ZOOM the drawing in and out. This feature alone can increase productivity by tenfold. By pushing down on the wheel the cursor will turn into a pan hand.




A time delay mouse button!

The one feature that I like best is the time delay in the right mouse button. When you have one or more objects selected, you can deselect the objects by holding down the right mouse button for little over a second. If you hold down the right mouse button for less than a second the menu below will appear.


When you are using 3D Orbit tool a right mouse click will bring up the menu to the right.

To exit 3D Orbit perform a right mouse click and click on EXIT.
If you are using a drawing tool like polyline, a right mouse click will bring up a menu that allows you to change the tools functionality while drawing.
By selecting a lighting fixture and performing right mouse click. You have access to the key features without having to go up to the pulldown menus.
Placing your cursor over an icon and performing a right mouse click will display a menu where you can select which tool palette you want displayed on the screen.

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