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Adding a new schedule

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Modified 2009-12-01
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Author Rufus


      You want to have your own schedule.


      You can add a new schedule following the steps:

  • open ldschedlist.txt file from LD Assistant folder.
  • at the end of file add a line in this format:
    Schedule Name: LD object names (with "+" between them), data types (with "," between them)



No. LD Object Description  LD Object Name Data Type for LD Objects 
1 Light Fixture LDLIGHT Position, Unit, Type, Height, Channel, Dimmer, Circuit, Color, Iris/Gobo, Focus, Frame Size, Accessory, Cable Id, DMX Line, DMX Channel, Intensity, Purpose, TwoFer, Candle Power, Field, Beam, Wattage, Price, Lamp, Weight, Misc1, Misc2
2 Point Light LDPLIGHT Height, Misc 1, Misc 2, Point Light Color, Point Light Intensity, Point Light Model, Point Light Shadow
3 MultiLight LDMLIGHT Position, Unit, Type, Height
4 Truss LDTRUSS Position, Type, Height, Price, Weight, Misc 1, Misc 2
5 Sound Equipment  LDSOUND Position, Unit, Height, Price, Model, Covarage Horizontal, Covarage Vertical
6 Cable  LDCABLE Cable Name, Multi Length, Tape Color, Jumper#1, Jumper#2, Jumper#3
7 Video Camera  LDCAMERA Height, Camera Position, Camera Unit, Camera Type, Camera Angle
8 Video Projector  LDPROJECTOR Height, Projector Type, Projector Image, Screen Height, Screen Width
9 Furniture LDFURNIS Furniture Type, Name, Quantity, Location


You can add new data type for LD objects (ex: material, zoom, etc).

  • save and close file.

      When you select Schedules command in schedules list it will be your append schedule. Select it and click OK button.




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